Mindfulness – My Journey

My mindfulness journey began three years ago when my place of employment offered me the opportunity to try something different for a day- I guess it was like a little reward to the staff, or a big reward as it turned out to be for me. Some went off to do drumming, ball dancing, clay pigeon shooting or art; but a few others and I selected Mindfulness. I didn’t really have a clue what it was about at the time. What I did know however was that I was really struggling to manage my anxiety and stress levels both in and out of the workplace. It had all kind of crept up on me.
This day, the day I completed my introduction to Mindfulness in June 2014 turned out to be my wildcard and what a wonderfully enlightening one it’s been. I was introduced to the concept and I literally haven’t looked back.

My brain had reached a point where I was struggling to rationalise things. I had the fear that bad things were always around the corner and I had stopped living in the present, lost sight of the here and now. Initially I couldn’t quite fathom the energy or courage to a, acknowledge it or b, do anything about it. I found it incredibly hard to explain how I felt to anyone without being fully aware I sounded crackers. I didn’t know what the feelings I was experiencing meant. I couldn’t see beyond them yet knew from an onlookers point of view- my life was pretty cushtay!

Mindfulness doesn’t solve problems or eradicate issues but instead gives you the opportunity to learn how to address niggly unwanted thoughts and deal with them more appropriately.

From June onwards I will be running mindfulness courses and retreats. I am aiming to work with people to help them manage and alleviate the stresses that their work setting or home life may present them with.

I want to help shape and mould the working environment of the future. I want to help CEOS, managers and supervisors nurture and bring out the very best in their employees.

“Train them well enough they can leave, treat them well enough so they don’t want to” Richard Branson

In a time where we are all or will be working longer then any generation whose gone before us it is more important than ever that there is still a degree of quality and value to our work environments. Work places can be, and often are competitive havens of who does the most, works the hardest and adds the greatest value to a company. It is very much like we have regressed to being cave men and women, constantly sizing up our competition on their likeness to succeed or achieve more than ourselves.

Don’t get me wrong a little healthy competition never hurt nobody but the feeling of being under constant pressure to achieve and have a particular status in society is greater than it ever has been and contributes enormously to feelings of inadequacy.

If I’ve inspired you to try mindfulness for yourself, please get in touch for details on my classes or retreats